Staying Cool in Summer – Why It’s So Important

Australia’s temperatures can skyrocket during the summer season. While many like the weather hot it can become less fun when the weather causes issues for our health. When our bodies are subject to high temperatures it can cause illnesses. The good news is there are ways to keep cool, enjoy the sunshine and stay healthy.

When out in any sunny weather you should be aware of the risks, especially during the summer. Here are the main issues you should look for:

  • Heat Stroke – Heat stroke is very serious. If you suffer from heat stroke you may feel very hot, nauseous, confused and in more severe cases you could become unconscious. If you have these symptoms after being in the sun you should seek medical care.
  • Dehydration – It is so important to drink enough water on hot days. This is because the body tries to keep our temperature down with sweat. To sweat and keep cool we need fluid, if we don’t get enough our bodies cannot sweat enough. This results in our bodies becoming too hot and overheating. Dehydration can cause further conditions too.
  • Sunburn – Sunburn is not caused by the hot temperature, but it is caused by the sun which means you should be aware of it during the sunny weather. You don’t have to be on the beach to be exposed to the suns rays, anytime you are outside you are at risk of sunburn. To avoid sunburn you should try to remain in shaded areas and wear sunscreen.
  • Exhaustion – During hot weather our body temperature will rise. If the temperature rises to much your body can suffer with heat exhaustion. If your body starts to overheat, you will start to feel dizzy, your heart rate will increase, and you will sweat more than usual. To bring your temperature down you should drink water and have a cool shower.

Now we have covered the risks of hot temperatures here are a few ways you can stay cooler during the summer months.

Drink Water – Water is very important, it will keep you hydrated and keep your body at the right temperature. Keep a bottle of water with you, you can even freeze some water to give you a cold blast if you are very hot.

Wear Light Clothing – Keep your clothing light in fabric and colour. This will keep you cool while fabrics that breathe like cotton will keep the air flowing, which will work to keep you cool.

Look for Shaded Areas– We know that staying in the shade at all times is not an option. However, when you can you should sit in the shade to avoid sun exposure. When you do not have to be outside during the hottest part of the day you should stay inside. Any shaded area will keep you at a comfortable temperature.

Change Your Exercise Regime – During the hottest days you should make changes to your exercise regime. Try to avoid exercising in the middle of the day as this is when temperatures peak. The morning and sunset are the best times. You could even work out somewhere with shade or air conditioning like your home or the gym.

Get Air Con – One of the best ways to keep the temperature down during the hot weather is air conditioning. When the temperature is very high outside it will make your house hot too. With air conditioning you can keep your house cool no matter how hot it is outside. This will keep you comfortable and avoid all the issues that come with overheating.

If you haven’t already got air conditioning, then you should consider it. You can have help from technicians to find the right system for you. Your home will be assessed and then your new air con can be installed. Have a safe and comfortable summer with Aircon Installation Sydney.