Lampemesteren offers world-known lamps

Poul Henningsen, also known as PH, is a Danish lamp designer, that are best known for his PH lamp series. 

Most people have heard of the famous and world-renowned PH lamp series, where lamps such as the Artichoke, the PH80 and the PH5 are a part of the collection. It is the Danish designer and architect Poul Henningsen, that are the founder and the man behind these designs. The collection is available at lampemesteren.com.

Back in 1925, Poul Henningsen started designing lamps in collaboration with Louis Poulsen- who is another famous Danish lamp designer/brand. Most of Poul Henningsen’s designs are characterized with symmetric shapes and thoughtful designs, that reveals his past as an architect. He started working with functionalistic architecture, and later made the switch to light and lamps- the field where he became famous.

Choosing the right lamp

Finding the right lamp for the right settings can be a bit tricky and Poul Henningsen has designed a lot of different models to choose between. The PH Artichoke is maybe the most well-known lamp in his repertoire. The lamp, that hangs from the ceiling, was originally designed in 1958 for the Langelinie Pavilion restaurant in Copenhagen, where it still hangs today. The lamp is known for its unique and sculptural look. The body of the lamp is built from 72 leaves, that splits into 12 rows. The way the leaves are placed produces a glare-free light.

Another popular lamp from the collection is the PH5, that goes 60 years back in time. It is designed with a reflective multi-shade system, which means that the light is located in the center of the lamp, so the light comes out diffuse and glare-free. This design was originally made for the World Expo in Paris in 1925, and until this day the PH5 is still as relevant and modern as back then.

Poul Henningsen started out manufacturing all the lamps with metal shades, but he also wanted to create light which had less downward-facing light, so he made a shade of opal glass with a sandblasted surface.

At lampemesteren.com it is possible to find both table-, wall- and floor lamps and also pendants, that is available in different colors and materials.