3 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Spick And Span

Bathrooms tend to get dirty so frequently because they are one of the most used parts of a house. The walls get stained with mildew and leftover shampoo and soap. The bathroom sink and tiles may also turn yellowish or brownish especially if you don’t clean them frequently.

If you love spending time in your bathroom, keep it spick and span all the time. It’s not complicated to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your bathroom. In fact, there are only three things you need to do.

  • Keep Everything Dry!

Bathrooms are generally moist all the time, which is why the walls and tiles are prone to mould and mildew overgrowth. Mould and mildew can leave ugly and hard to remove stains. As much as possible, you should try to minimise the areas exposed to water.

You can do this by installing one of the many modern shower cabins available today. The best part is that they come in various shapes, sizes and styles. You can choose a design that matches your bathroom style.

Another option is to hang a shower curtain. They may not be as effective in minimising splatters and water leaks as a glass shower cubicle, but they can still help you lessen the moisture in your bathroom. They also serve as additional decoration.

  • Utilise All Available Space

If your bathroom is filled with toiletries, cleaners and towels, you should ensure that you have allocated storage for all of them. Otherwise, your bathroom will end up cluttered. Fold the towels as neatly as possible. You can roll them up and place them on top of a cabinet. In case you have a small bathroom, you can install hanging cabinets.

You should also put all of your toiletries and other personal care products in one area. If possible, try to store your shampoo, body wash, hand wash and other liquid personal products in large glass pump bottles. This way you can avoid using too much plastic. The glass bottles will also add a unique charm to your bathroom.

  • Schedule Constant Clean Up and Maintenance

It’s impossible to enjoy a clean bathroom without scheduling regular maintenance jobs. It’s harder to remove stains if you leave them unattended for longer periods. If you clean them as soon as you can, you won’t need to use strong cleaners. You should scrub the titles, walls and sinks at least twice a month. Also, you should make it a habit to wipe the walls after you shower.

Don’t forget to pull out any balls of hair from the drains. These can cause major drain problems if you don’t discard them right away.

Maintaining your bathroom is not complicated if you ensure that you create a routine, maximise your space and keep the entire room free from moisture.

Image: Pixabay.com